Your Exciting Career Begins Here

Arborists ensure the health and longevity of trees.

They use several techniques to maintain and care for trees, shrubs and woody plants of all sizes and ages, including pruning, plant health care and removal.

Simply put, arborists love trees and want to make sure they’re healthy and happy (kind of like a doctor for trees!). The work is physically demanding, but has so many benefits including, working outdoors, giving back to the community and the ability to determine how high you want to climb in your career!

Check out this video about the exciting opportunities in arboriculture.


You probably have questions… let us answer those for you!

7 Reasons to Be an Arborist

  • Make a Life Change for the Better

    There are endless opportunities in the arboricultural industry. You will do something new and different every single day, and you will work with amazing people who love what they do.

  • Have Fun at Work

    Tree care is perfect for outdoors enthusiasts. Turn your passion into your profession – do the things you love to do in your spare time in your career, and you won’t work a day in your life.

  • Build a Lifelong Career

    Tree care offers opportunities for people of any ethnicity or socioeconomic status to establish a challenging and rewarding career. With proper training, there is always room for growth in many different parts of the industry.

  • It’s a Great Next Step for Veterans

    Entrepreneurship and military service are complementary career paths. A career in military service is an incredible way to build a backbone for your own tree care business.

  • Do Something Bigger Than You

    Fulfilling careers in arboriculture exist right out of college for people who want make a difference and enjoy the outdoors.

  • It’s Not Just for the Guys

    The tree care industry has gone from an unnoticed and unskilled profession to a highly-respected profession. Due to exceptional training opportunities, there is room for everyone to have a successful career in this industry – including women.

  • Enjoy the Change of Scenery

    A cubical isn’t your only option. Tree care is a blend of business, client relations, physical work and time spent outdoors enjoying and caring for the environment. There’s something for everybody.