So your company wants to start an ARBORIST APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM?!

There are two options to introduce a new apprentice/trainee to the tree care industry.
To help you determine which option is best for your current business and company culture check out the following steps for each option outlined below.


  1. Determine if is this a commitment you’re willing to make.

    • Register with USDOL
    • Follow all National Guideline Standards
    • Create support systems via Journeyworker
    • 3 years (5400-6000 hrs)
    • 440 hours of related instruction utilizing local community college or with
      TCIA Apprenticeship Training Program
  2. Check out the State/Federal DOL regulations for your state.
    Click Here
  3. Check out information from TCIA, links below
  4. Set up call with TCIA to determine next steps to formalize your Apprenticeship Program

Tree Care Academy:

Career Pathway

  1. Start with the Intro to Arb Safety online course at to get your new hires excited about learning more about the profession of arboriculture!
  2. Enroll your crew for online courses that utilize the same content as the TCIA Arborist Apprenticeship Training Program.

    • Courses are easily accessible and progress is track-able through the Brightspace interface.
    • Currently 7 online courses available with more being developed throughout the year. Spanish courses are also being developed.

Please call or email with any questions 800-733-2622 |