University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire – Gear Up 2019 Winner Profile

The University of New Hampshire has been graduating tree care professionals and foresters for almost a century, according to Ethan Belair, director of the Forest Technology program, which includes arboriculture and forestry. “UNH has had a forestry program since 1919,” [...]

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Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Gear Up 2019 Winner Profile

For almost 30 years, Southern University and A&M College have been graduating top urban-forestry students, according to program director Kamran Abdollahi. He adds that it’s the pilot program in urban forestry for Louisiana and initially was launched with an investment [...]

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Huntley College of Agriculture, Pomona, California – Gear Up 2019 Winner Profile

As part of Cal Poly Pomona in eastern Los Angeles County, Huntley attracts students from as far away as Ventura County – a two-hour one-way commute, according to adjunct faculty member Tracey Takeuchi. The college, located in an underserved area [...]

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Clackamas Community College, Oregon City, Oregon – Gear Up 2019 Winner Profile

On his Gear Up application, Jim Wentworth-Plato explains that Clackamas Community College is two years into developing its state-education board-approved arboriculture program. The two-year program earns students an Associate of Applied Science degree. “We focus on being accessible to all [...]

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Allegany College of Maryland, Cumberland, Maryland – Gear Up 2019 Winner Profile

As the only two-year college in Maryland to offer a major in forestry, Allegany is in a unique position to offer a quality, hands-on, practical educational experience for students, according to forestry program director Marie Miller. Miller herself attended Allegany [...]

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