In May 2023, the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Office of Apprenticeship (OA) approved and recognized TCIA as an Apprenticeship Ambassador. Although TCIA has three years’ experience with the Registered Apprenticeship program, the Apprenticeship Ambassador designation is new for TCIA.

“This is an excellent opportunity for TCIA to serve as a champion in promoting, expanding and diversifying Registered Apprenticeship,” says Erin Demers, TCIA’s manager of workforce recruitment & retention. “It demonstrates our support toward strengthening the workforce for the tree care industry and our communities.”

What is an Apprenticeship Ambassador?

Apprenticeship Ambassadors partner with the DOL to:
  • Promote and expand awareness of the benefits of Registered Apprenticeship in the United States for industries, employers, career services, educators and communities.
  • Identify and scale innovative practices and partnerships to modernize, strengthen and accelerate the adoption of Registered Apprenticeship.
  • Increase access and support for underrepresented and underserved populations, including women, youth, people of color, rural communities, justice-involved individuals and people with disabilities.
  • Communicate the business case for Registered Apprenticeship as a mainstream workforce strategy.

Why is this exciting?

“TCIA is now part of a network of employers, labor organizations, industry associations, program sponsors, educators, workforce intermediaries, community-based organizations and other stakeholders dedicated to expanding and diversifying Registered Apprenticeship,” says Demers.
Additionally, the benefits of being an Apprenticeship Ambassador include:
  • National recognition, elevating TCIA’s efforts to expand and diversify Registered Apprenticeship.
  • Being part of a network of industry, workforce, education, equity and labor apprenticeship champions.
  • An opportunity to partner with the DOL to shape Registered Apprenticeship expansion and diversification in our industry.

“Registered Apprenticeship creates opportunities for good jobs and career pathways for Americans, connecting employers with a skilled workforce,” says Demers.

What’s more, Apprenticeship Ambassadors support the DOL’s goals of modernizing Registered Apprenticeship to increase diversity and inclusion, engage industry in new and emerging sectors and expand pre-apprenticeship and youth apprenticeships.

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Or contact Erin Demers directly at 1-800-733-2622, or email