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Plant Health Care and Trees

Plant health care, also called PHC, offers a total health approach to landscape and plant health. As an arborist you will monitor each property, watching for potential or actual problems in the landscape that might be best avoided or dealt with [...]

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University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire – Gear Up 2019 Winner Profile

The University of New Hampshire has been graduating tree care professionals and foresters for almost a century, according to Ethan Belair, director of the Forest Technology program, which includes arboriculture and forestry. “UNH has had a forestry program since 1919,” [...]

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Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Gear Up 2019 Winner Profile

For almost 30 years, Southern University and A&M College have been graduating top urban-forestry students, according to program director Kamran Abdollahi. He adds that it’s the pilot program in urban forestry for Louisiana and initially was launched with an investment [...]

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Huntley College of Agriculture, Pomona, California – Gear Up 2019 Winner Profile

As part of Cal Poly Pomona in eastern Los Angeles County, Huntley attracts students from as far away as Ventura County – a two-hour one-way commute, according to adjunct faculty member Tracey Takeuchi. The college, located in an underserved area [...]

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Clackamas Community College, Oregon City, Oregon – Gear Up 2019 Winner Profile

On his Gear Up application, Jim Wentworth-Plato explains that Clackamas Community College is two years into developing its state-education board-approved arboriculture program. The two-year program earns students an Associate of Applied Science degree. “We focus on being accessible to all [...]

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Allegany College of Maryland, Cumberland, Maryland – Gear Up 2019 Winner Profile

As the only two-year college in Maryland to offer a major in forestry, Allegany is in a unique position to offer a quality, hands-on, practical educational experience for students, according to forestry program director Marie Miller. Miller herself attended Allegany [...]

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